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Moisturizing Lotion with 15% Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion with 15% Vitamin C

Flawless Skin Is No Longer A Dream

A young-looking, radiant, imperfection-free skin is the dream of many women worldwide but for most it remains just that; a dream.

And we know, not everyone can afford expensive treatments or even operations.

Well, Maritime Naturals has the perfect solution for you so you can finally have the glowing youthful skin you deserve!

Our vitamin C moisturizing lotion will transform your skin so you can impress everyone around you!

All Natural Ingredients

Forget about your average skin care products that are loaded with chemicals that abuse animals and cause your skin to break out.

The Maritime Naturals moisturizing lotion is paraben free and vegan and contains only natural organic ingredients.

The unique moisturizing formula contains 15% vitamin C, vitamin B5, shea butter, jojoba oil and green tea and it is nut free so it can be perfect for all skin types!

No More Imperfections

The moisturizer has a strong anti-aging action that will leave your skin radiant and young-looking.

Your age spots and wrinkles will disappear and all the annoying wrinkles will be decreased so you can have firm and glowing skin.

The vitamin lotion will deeply moisturize your skin so that it can be smooth and beautiful at all times.

This moisturizer will make the perfect addition to your daily skin care routine.

The lotion is very lightweight and it gets absorbed immediately for flawless results.

Use twice daily and for best results combine it with the Maritime Naturals vitamin C wash and serum.

Order Today And Watch Your Skin Transform

Our Price: $35.99